New website design – Photoshelter out, Photodeck in.

After a great deal of consideration and hours spent on the internet I have finally decided to use the Covid down time to make some fundamental changes to my website and archive system. So, it’s Photoshelter out and Photodeck in.

Photoshelter v Photodeck

First, there is nothing actually wrong with Photoshelter and I have used their services for a very long time to both present my photo galleries and provide a searchable database of my images. But, that first sentence contains an important snippet, ‘a very long time’. And that is precisely the time period where really little has changed in the Photoshelter presentation.

Photoshelter have made some steps forward, particularly with regard to SEO performance but, my site is visited mainly to view my images, purchase prints, and by editors looking for illustrative images for books, magazines, newspapers etc. Therefore of prime importance to me is how are my images presented on the site front page, in the galleries and in search results.

This is where Photoshelter has fallen behind. The gallery presentations are now very tired looking, every gallery is exactly the same, just a block of identical thimbnails, with nothing very dynamic looking. I was therefore very excited when Photoshelter announced back in October 2019 that, as the result of a client survey, they had a roadmap forward with exciting new designs, a better shopping cart, and an ‘overhaul client galleries with a modern, user-friendly interface’ among other things.

Well we are going to see new web templates in August 2020. Then in June we heard things were slipping behind, Ok, no problem development takes time and hits some problems, but we did get a new Photoshelter logo! So an announcement in October heralds progress? Nope, another update that it’s more difficult than first anticipated. November, another announcement just tells us these exciting things are coming!

Now we begin 2021 and to cut a long story short as we enter February we still have no new website designs. I fully understand that Covid-19 must have had a profound effect on the ability to deliver but I finally began looking for an alternative and came across Photodeck.

For me the biggest advantage of Photodeck is the modern presentation of the overall websites and galleries, super speed for search results and the amount of customization available in website designs. Last but not least is the ability, once you have finalized your site design, to output a WordPress theme which makes the blog mimic the same look as the main site for a seamless experience.

Admittedly there is a bit of a learning curve in moving to a new platform, but after a couple of days I started to get the hang of it and was quickly able to get a new site up and running.

You will find many new images in the galleries that have not been presented before and every day more images are being added to the stock availability which you can find using the search function.

Most images are available as prints in a range of sizes and media, professionally printed and delivered directly to you, and as licensed downloads for a variety of uses.

Prices for Photodeck and Photoshelter are almost identical for most people who are likely to use the Standard subscription model at $25 per month with 100GB storage (thats around high resolution 20,000 jpeg images) Ecomerce is also completely free of any additional charges with Photodeck compared to 10% transaction fees on Photoshelter.

You can give Photodeck a try with a fully functional 14 day trial period at Furthermore, if you decide Photodeck fits your need anter the code YG@UESDHW at checkout with your first subscription and receive 50% off your first month.

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